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Our New Newbern Location Dine In

Come to our New Bern Location and see how we do it back home!!! Today only come enjoy a true Jamaican “yard” style feast!!!
Cornmeal porridge
Fried Dumplings
Roast Breadfruit
Ackee and saltfish
callaloo and saltfish
Escovitch fish
Boiled Dumplings, yam and boiled Bananas

Jamaican Style home cooked Sunday dinner!!!!!

Who is ready for a Jamaican Style home cooked Sunday dinner!!!!!! Not your everyday Jerk Masters! This Sunday Mommy will be in the kitchen making Sunday dinner!!! Come and enjoy!!!

Jamaican Home style Fricasse Chicken
Home style Mac n cheese
Gunga Peas and rice
Escovitch fish
Slowly simmered Oxtails
Caribbean Cole slaw

For the kids
Chicken nuggets
Hot dogs
Mac n cheese